Callesen Diesel

Bukh A/S still supplies spare parts and does service and maintenance checks on Callesen marine engines. A Callesen diesel engine lasts and there are still countless Callesen diesel engines at sea all over the world.

Although Bukh A/S does not produce complete Callesen marine engines any longer, we still have a large stock of original spare parts securing your coaster, fishing boat or icebreaker a Callesen installation for many years to come.

Bukh supplies spare parts for:

•    Callesen marine engines
•    Callesen gear/clutch
•    Callesen propeller systems

Callesen Marine Engines

Callesen Diesel has made marine engines through 100 years - from 1899 till 1999 - in the field of 180 HK - 1350 HK. The marine engines are produced by professional, Danish workers and by Danish quality materials, and we are still able to proudly say that Callesen engines are among the most reliable marine engines in the world.

At Bukh A/S, formerly Aabenraa Motorfabrik, we still supply a wide selection of Callesen spare parts. At the same time we provide a professional staff with a good and thorough knowledge of Callesen marine engines who are always capable of answering queries and advising on spare parts.

Our collaboration with a strong service partner ensures that more than 70 qualified engineers render all kinds of repairs and services on Callesen marine engines all over the world within short notice.

Contact Callesen Diesel
We kindly ask you to direct any questions regarding spare parts or services and repair work of Callesen diesel engines to our Callesen service coordinator. Please fill out the form below for inquiries about spare parts and remember to please write the engine serial number and name of the vessel.

  • Download Callesen sparepart manual / service manual
  • Callesen part orderform [PDF]